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What is SHAPE ReClaimed™?

SHAPE™ is formulated out of 30 years of clinical experience using homeopathy as bio-regulatory medicine with thousands of patients.  While inspired by Dr. Simeons hCG protocol, SHAPE does not contain hCG.  It's formulation is unique in that it "mimics" what hCG does in the body, using a glycoprotien combination (amino acids along with additional, natural ingredients that support weight loss and reduce inflammation).  Unlike most, this program is physician supervised from start to finish.  Patients are monitored regularly through urine analysis to determine the efficacy of treatment.  Because there is no one-size-fits all approach to losing weight, getting well, and living vibrantly, this program is designed to adjust to each patient's specific, unique needs.  In fact, many SHAPE doctors proudly admit they micro-manage their patients to guard against negative fall-out or rebound weight gain.

"SHAPE breaks down stored fat quickly, effectively, and safely.  Not only are people losing excess weight, they are eliminating symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia, digestive complaints, etc. Many users are also decreasing or eliminating prescription medications."     -Dr. Todd Frisch

We are in the process of adding SHAPE doctors to our links page.  If you do not see a doctor listed in your area, please send us an email and we will try to connect you to someone.  (Please note that we provide this list of physicians solely as an accommodation and not as a recommendation. Selecting a physician is a personal choice for which you are solely responsible.) 



  Phase one of the SHAPE protocol is similar to the hCG protocol, but offers additional protein, vegetable, and fruit choices.  There is also a "breadstick" alternative for individuals who are eating gluten free.  All of the meals on our site meet either the phase one or phase two SHAPE protocol. Our meal plans are simple.  We offer everything you need to fill the daily food requirements of your doctors SHAPE protocol right here on our website.  You simply choose the options that best suit your needs.

Phase One Meal Plans: We offer monthly, weekly, and daily (a la carte) meals for you to choose from.  Our most popular plan is the monthly plan.  This plan includes 56 meals, covering all of your phase one meals for a four week period. This is the most time and cost effective way to order.  If you only need a week's supply of meals at a time, or would like to create a plan based on your needs, our weekly and a la carte (or single meal) plans are designed for you. (Click here to see our 4 week menu) Each meal is designed to serve 1 protein, and 1 vegetable requirement.

Phase Two Meal Plans: 
Phase two is all about healthy living.  All of the meals on our Paleo/ anti-inflammatory page are designed to meet the requirements of the Phase two SHAPE protocol.

Dessert: The Phase one SHAPE protocol allows you to add two approved fruits per day. Some customers find that the fresh fruits allowed do not always leave them feeling as satisfied as a warm baked apple compote or homemade apple sauce would.   Our chef has creatively designed several delicious desserts that can be enjoyed on the Phase one SHAPE protocol.  Simply replace one serving of fruit with one of our desserts.  If you would prefer, you can enjoy two desserts each day in place of your daily fruit allowance!  (Some options, like our apple crisp may also replace one grissini or milk allowance as well.  Each dessert is labeled so you can feel confident that you are following the plan.)

Fruit Bundle: You are allowed two approved fruit choices per day on the phase one plan.  We hand select the freshest, most vibrant fruits each week and deliver them with your meals.  We offer fruit bundles in small or large sizes:

Small Bundle: Provides you with seven servings of fruit.  This gives you one of the two allowable pieces of fruit per day.  Small bundles are perfect for customers who want to add desserts each day in place of their second fruit.

Large Bundle:
Provides you with fourteen pieces of fruit.  This gives you exactly the amount needed to fill your "2 approved fruits"  requirement daily.

Sweetleaf® Stevia:  Natural sweetener is only sweetner allowed on the plan.  We offer stevia in a variety of flavors to keep things interesting.  If you are looking for an extra treat during the day, check out our recipe page for creative ways to add zero calorie treats to your day.  From perking up your coffee and teas to whipping up shakes and sorbets, stevia is a great way to make yourself something special each day. (Click here for interesting stevia recipes)

Click here to purchase our SHAPE ReClaimed cookbook

Click below to find a practitioner in your area who offers the SHAPE ReClaimed Program. *
*We provide this information, which has not been independently verified by us, as an accommodation for you.  Selection of a physician is a personal choice for which you are solely responsible. 

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